Strange Love

Hey stranger! Falling in love with you was like any other day. Was it? Maybe. In a room full of strangers and friends stood this priceless artifact. Everything else was pitch dark, you radiating as the only source of light.

I felt crazy, my mind spinning like I was in a roller coaster. All I could find myself doing was wave in an absurd manner wondering “what is his story?”. For you look like you carry electricity in your pocket yet I was willing to fall with all the risk of danger.

I had to force myself to take my eyes off you because you were already seeping into my being. How can I feel this way for someone I don’t even know? Then you smiled at me, my soul felt warm and that became my weakness. For at that moment I felt we were one, his hands in mine, lips were pressed against mine as I fall and it was the most spirited feeling I’ve ever experienced.

The air rushed around me making me lightheaded. I could fly and nothing can stop me. As the leaves of the trees dances to the rhythm of the air I fell for you. As the clouds flow across the sky making way for the evening chills I crave for you. And as the rest of the world hushed in silent and the dream world beckons I become one with you



Photo by Apex 360 on Unsplash



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