Being a nurse is tough. Actually that’s an understatement. What word that can adequately describe the anxiety, frustration, and sometimes fear that comes along with the job of a nurse.

But thankfully there’s also no adequate description for the way you feel inside when you know your patient is alives because of something you did. No feeling compares to that.

The thing is i don’t have to save lives every day. Some days i just have to hold a lonely woman’s hand or shave the face of an elderly gentleman whose hands are too weak to do it himself or give a bath to a bed riddle patient. Those things are important too.

But I think there’s just something about doing the right thing, making the right decision in a moment’s notice, and successfully holding tight to the life that has been placed in your hands that makes a nurse feel like they have fulfilled their ultimate purpose, and that despite the trials of what they do, it is completely worth it to see a life saved. When it is by your own hand it’s incomparable.

There’s no shame in being a proud nurse. After all not everyone has the privilege of reuniting a young husband with the wife he was sure he had lost or an unborn baby with his mother. It’s overwhelming sometimes, but always a blessing.

To think that a big God can somehow use a little me to save a life is the greatest calling I can hold, and although every day is not easy, being a part of each one is a honor to me.

Stand and pose!



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