Sis, you and I are meant to be.
How much I love you, I simply can not quantify
Like you, there is no other
A unique design tailored from our family’s fabric
Our perspective may be different, but to you my heart is bound.

Together we have made memories
We have laughed and cried
We have been a rock together and apart
We have fought each other and mostly fought others
I’ll say you are a force to be reckoned with
I am so lucky to have you more than anything I love you.

Our quarrels will be endless
Over the little things footwear and attires
But our love is infinite too
Even if we fight every day
In the end, we still love us

You are smart, elegant, friendly and so talented
You’ve made your addiction to fun a source of income
A childhood without you would have been shallow
Teenage life without you would have been dull
I cannot imagine a life without you

As I feel so blessed to have a sister like you

Why do I love you?!!



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