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A healer’s thorn

Can you feel it?
Beep! beep! beep!
As the monitors are connected
I feel the chill down my spine
Do you know where you are?
As these strangers invade every bit of your privacy
Can you hear me?
Yes me, not the demons that have woken up inside you
Playing the game of what would have or could have or should have.
Things are changing slowly within and I guess I’m playing the same game as you.
Give me a sign, anything that can show that you are hearing me
Squeeze my hands, blink your eyes, or tell us to get the duck off you and give you space to breathe.
Please hold on to whatever that is dear because this can not be it.
I know you are not mine to love nor are you mine to mourn

Beep!!     Beep!!!
This time they are distance apart
cold are your skin, shallow are your breath
This is heartbreaking to see a once active person
Now lying in a hospital bed hooked up to all these machine.
Was it you that I saw yesterday full of life and many promises?
There is this strange uncomfortable feeling empathizing with your pain.
Could this be it? Me forever a stranger to you

There is nothing I could do anymore.
I gave you my breathe in the heat of resuscitation, but you didn’t take.
I watched as your vibrant colour fades away
I can tell you have been loved by siblings, friends, families, animals and even strangers
I can’t help but feel defeated or even maybe a little cheated
For I never got the chance to introduce myself to you
Since your final moments is with me I would like to say
I am Nurse Carew and it was nice to meet you my dying patient.

Why do I love you?!!

What inspires you?

What is…

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